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Care Givers Support Group 

Health & Wellness Ministry

As a Health & Wellness Hub, New Covenant Church will implement a plan of action to support Caregivers. We will provide resources, tools, and information on best practices to prevent caregiver burnout and encourage caregivers along their journey. We will take a faith-based approach in identifying and combating the Health & Wellness concerns of Caregivers fulfilling there purpose.



"Caregivers Support Group"

Our team identifies the needs of caregivers and create programming unique to the caregiver population.

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"The Link Between Gratitude & Wellness"

Pastor Bryan Hudson, D.Min shared a message Healing of the Soul

Part Four: Giving Thanks is Good For Your Soul! 

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"Managing Grief & Loss"

Grief is the response to loss, particularly to the loss of someone or some living thing that has died, to which a bond or affection was formed. Hear from Jan Mitchell, Certified Grief Coach as she facilitates our Caregivers Support Group Meeting: Managing Grief & Loss 

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More From Jan Mitchell

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"Alzheimer's Awareness Initiative"

New Covenant Church hosted a Purple Sunday event, where congregants wore purple in support of Alzheimer's Awareness. Jan Mitchell, RN presented on Alzheimer's and provided a Covid-19 update. 


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(Covid-19 Update)

(Alzheimer's Info.)


Caregivers Support Group

 with Jan Mitchell

Caregiving is not only a profession, a role, or a ministry, it is a call and responsibility. 

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