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Protecting Yourself & Your Family Online


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Protecting Yourself and Your Family is a webinar designed to provide wisdom and insight on being safe online. This presentation is a community service of New Covenant Church, Indianapolis, Indiana. Your host is Bryan Hudson, D.Min., a pastor, educator, author, and digital media producer.


We've heard about Internet scams, stolen identity, and online predators. It is not difficult to stay safe when we follow basic guidelines and practice good habits.

Our Presenter, Eric Anderson is a Technology Interpreter and President of Scientifically Speaking. (Learn more at Eric's website)

We were pleased to be supported by the Pastor's Roundtable at the Community Pandemic Wellness Initiative (CPWI), which is a project of the Community Action of Greater Indianapolis (CAGI). Webinar produced by Vision Communications. Multi-platform Live Stream provided by Vision Stream Network. 

Watch Replay on New Covenant Church YouTube Channel


Watch Replay on Vision Stream Network Facebook page



While knowledge is often free of charge, the best software and services are usually paid. The subscriptions and fees charged for good software allows developers to make improvements, upgrades, and provide support to customers. 

Eric D. Anderson, Scientifically Speaking


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Online Safety in the Age of Digital Learning - US Government resource

Digital Media Best Practices - U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

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Pastor Bryan Hudson, D.Min.


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