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On Friday, November 15 we returned from Kenya, Africa.

The photo above shows Kenyan boys playing in a field, with ministry images added. This was one of the more pleasant scenes in an otherwise impoverished part of the city. This photo also reminds me that our children are not that different from children in Kenya. They all want happiness and a bright future. From our perspective as American believers, we are blessed to offer more to our children. We were honored to share our blessings with others.


Our team was comprised of Pastor Jerry Williams from Agape Word Fellowship in Raleigh, North Carolina, myself, and two men from his church, Ishmael Ba, and Tommy Horne. We arrived on Tuesday evening, November 5 after 8000+ miles and 33 hours of travel on four flights and layovers. All flights were on time and smooth. One added bonus was flying on a new Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 787 Dreamliner from Washington D.C., which has features such as increased humidity and more natural air pressure. This really helped with comfort and sleeping.

After our final flight into Eldoret on a regional airliner, we settled into our hotel Tuesday evening around 8:30pm (12:30pm Indy time). I was scheduled to teach two sessions Wednesday morning in a pastors/leaders conference at 9:30am. By the grace of God, I woke up feeling good and ready to teach! No jet lag!


Pastor Jerry Williams ministered at the first late afternoon Gospel crusade, but it was cut short due to rain. We experienced unusual rain for this time of year according to our hosts. The outdoor crusade was scheduled for November 6-10 because it is normally dry this time of the year. We all know that in these last days, very little in our world is “normal!” Despite the threat of rain and rain falling, people came out, but we had less than 100 people present on the first day. The morning leadership conference was held indoors.

Nearly every morning in Eldoret began sunny and pleasant. Clouds and rain came in the early afternoons. Though we were very close to the Equator, at 5000 feet elevation, temperatures were moderate to a little cool for the locals: Middle 70’s during the day, and middle 50’s at night. Sea level temperatures at the Equator can be in the 90’s and higher.

Another interesting feature of being near the Equator is that sunrise and sunset occur at the same time everyday, all year long. They experience 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness everyday. Around 12 noon, the sun is directly above casting shadows directly below all objects. It is an interesting

sight. On a clear night, the view of the “Milky Way” stars is stunning!

Pastors & Leaders Conference Highlights


We ministered to pastors, bishops (overseers of churches), and christian workers in two morning sessions Nov. 6-9 and in two Sunday morning services. After the first day, Pastor Jerry and I alternated teaching. People in Kenya speak English and Swahili, so we ministered using an interpreter for those who didn’t understand USA English. Swahili is a beautiful language! I learned a few phrases such as “Bwana Asifiwe,” which means “Praise the Lord!”

We saw leaders with their Bibles and notebooks taking copious notes. They were appreciative that we taught high level principles and did not speak “down” to them in simplistic ways. I noticed at our hotel that Kenya has access to TBN, so people and pastors are familiar with American church culture (for better or for worse!) Believers are highly receptive to good

teaching and preaching. We ministered to 30-50 pastors and leaders daily. Because of the hardship of travel within the city and region, we saw different leaders day by day. Some attended nearly everyday.

Pastor Jerry and I ministered personally to many pastors and leaders. Many


received prayer for healing. We received reports of healing manifestations before we left Kenya and reports of

other healings by email from our host Pastor, Allan Mugoha! Unlike the USA, there is no social “safety net.” All medical treatment by professionals is pre-paid, when accessible. In the absence of a healthcare system, poorer Kenyans must believe God for healing. To their credit, they eat very healthy: Lots of

fresh vegetables and fruit. Nearly everyone maintains gardens or small farms.


There was a very strong prophetic grace in our meetings. The Lord deeply impacted ministers through clearer purpose provided in teaching and by prophetic words. People were very receptive to us. They seem to draw a lot of hope from our presence. We also noted that they were especially glad to see American Black men “coming home” to Africa. We all felt that sense of connection to the people and the continent. Africa is not only the motherland of African Americans, but is also the cradle of human civilization.

Gospel Crusade Highlights


Since we had already invested in the stage and sound system, we asked God to hold the rain back for our crusade meetings. Rain began to fall on Wednesday, but for Thursday through Saturday, daily rains stopped around 4:00pm, in time for our Gospel crusade meetings. On Friday and Saturday, the rains started up again right after the altar call. Despite the rain, people came out. By Saturday we had 200+ people at our meeting and standing/listening nearby. For Gospel crusade standards, our crowds were small, but I realized that we would likely have cancelled outdoor events in the USA under the same conditions! Kenyan believers and people are very resilient!


Pastor Allan was determined to hold outdoors meetings, even after we considered taking the crusade indoors at his church. The Lord honored Pastor Allan’s prayers!

We had decisions for Christ at every crusade meeting, but the impact would have been greater with better weather and more cooperation among churches in the city of Eldoret.


I spoke in the Gospel crusade on Saturday late afternoon. We had a decent crowd. Most importantly 20-30 children and adults came forward to receive Christ or to rededicate their lives! We also prayed for healing and other needs at each crusade.

Divine Connections


At the Eldoret airport on Tuesday evening, we met Bishop Ben Bahati. He had returned from a crusade at a Muslim city in Ethiopia. I invited Bishop Ben to the pastor’s conference and he was gracious to attend for two days. We discovered Bishop Ben pastors a thriving church in Eldoret and leads a ministry called “Global Field Evangelism” which operates four orphanages in Kenya. On Tuesday, of our second week, we visited one orphanage which sits on 4.5 acres, has boys and girls dormitories, a cafeteria, recreational areas, some farm animals and a garden. He’s also connected with a Christian agency in the USA to facilitate sponsorships for the children.

This is very wise given the lack of resources in Eldoret.


We learned that Bishop Ben grew up impoverished in Nairobi, eating out of trash bins. Believers led him to faith in Christ and helped him attend school (there is no free public education in Eldoret). From this experience, he dedicated his life to preaching the Gospel and helping save children without homes.


We were impressed by the longevity, excellence, and well being of the children we met at the orphanage. Pastor Jerry and I are looking at sponsoring children. After touring the orphanage, we travelled back into central Eldoret for an early evening meeting at Bishop Ben’s church, Spiritual Life Centre. This meeting was arranged to accommodate us. I exhorted, brother Ishmael sang, and Pastor Jerry preached an outstanding message on faith. It was a glorious meeting!


As we were preparing to leave Eldoret last Thursday, we saw Bishop Ben and His wife preparing to fly out to Tanzania for another gospel crusade

Another divine connection


As I was planning to travel to Kenya, I spoke with a great colleague and friend, Dr. Kenneth Sullivan, Sr. When I mentioned that we were traveling to Eldoret Kenya, Ken

informed me that he had been corresponding with a pastor in Eldoret for several years, Bishop Daniel Muiruri. He also operates a school on his church property.


We made contact with Bishop Daniel through our host pastor. We were blessed to meet Pastor Daniel on the first day of our conference. He and his wife, Jane, along with their youngest son attended nearly every conference meeting and crusade! Many of their church members also attended. They were a major blessing to us!


On our final day in Eldoret, Bishop Dan invited us into their home for tea. This was one of our most memorable occasions of

fellowship. Bishop Daniel is also a farmer with animals and farmland. He and Jane shared gifts with us, words of blessing, and sent gifts by me to share with Dr. Ken Sullivan and his wife.

After tea, we drove down the dirt road to his church for another late afternoon meeting arranged for us. People came out to greet us and receive the word! I ministered in that final meeting for our time in Kenya. God moved in a mighty way. I showed a video that Dr. Sullivan sent through the Internet, using a projector I brought from the USA.


When I finished ministering the word and praying for people, I announced that the Lord told me to give the projector to the church! The pastor and people rejoiced BIG TIME! It almost seemed like too much enthusiasm, until Bishop Dan explained that he had recently told the church to believe God for a video projector! He made it clear that this gift was not pre-arranged. To God be the glory!

Thanks to our host Pastor, Alan Mugoha!

On our final evening in Eldoret, we were visited by our host pastor Allan Mugoha,


his wife Violet, and three of their four children. They came to our hotel to say goodbye and to present us with gifts. We were appreciative of these gifts and the love shown towards us. We will always remember pastor Allan and be inspired by his work in Kenya.

This mission trip was highly successful! We empowered pastors, encouraged believers, sowed in some fruitful and needy ministries to children, and led souls to

Christ. We were able to give to our host Pastor Allan, a laptop computer, a digital camcorder, and Firm Foundation curriculum that he can use to train leaders and pastors under him. We were able to bless Pastor Daniel with a video projector. Pastor Jerry Williams and I ministered in 19 sessions and meetings.


Our trip home was seven hours longer (39 hours!) as the flight from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia went through Rome, Italy. On Friday morning we all arrived on time in Washington DC. From there we shared breakfast, reflected on our mission, and boarded flights to our respective homes in Raleigh and Indianapolis. We are more appreciative of the blessings of living in the USA!

Again, thank you so much for supporting me on this mission to Kenya! You have a great part in all that was done during our time in Africa! We expect to build on the foundation laid and relationships forged through the grace of God.

“Mungu yu mwema, daima!” (“God is the good, all the time!”)

Pastor Bryan Hudson